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Mom. Question-haver. Trying.

Science belongs on social media. Storytellers should pursue their audiences. And those with power and resources should support risk-takers and remove barriers for others.

I work to make all that happen.

I grew up outdoors in Kentucky. After reading A Ring of Endless Light, in which the heroine saves sick dolphins by talking to them with her mind, I decided it would be pretty neat if that were my job. By the time I realized that dolphin telepathy wasn't a real career, I was thoroughly hooked on the ocean, so for a while I researched the ocean to save the world. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2007 and received my PhD in Ecology from the University of Georgia in 2014.

Near the end of my PhD, I decided that I didn't want to add to the huge body of excellent research already in the world; I wanted to help people find and use science to make good decisions for themselves, which are good decisions for the planet (since we depend on the Earth for literally everything).

Since then, I've spent my time connecting people with science. I have extensive experience articulating communications strategies, developing digital content, meaningfully engaging with strangers, and learning from quantitative analytics.

Read more about my professional journey on the Naturejobs blog or in the Ecological Society of America's #myscicomm series.


I am an award-winning science communicator who has both a PhD and 5+ years of extremely broad science media experience. I have worked with Springer Nature to deliver training workshops; I experimented with social media techniques for brands while I was the media department for a marine science lab; and my photography, videography, and website-building skills have been used by scientific institutions on 2 continents.

I am unstoppably and loudly enthusiastic about how science makes life better. Get in touch to see how I can bring my energy to your projects.


I tell stories on digital platforms using photos, videos, audio, and writing. My live performances are anchored by honesty and humor. My storytelling services include:

Keynote speaker

Live event/livestreaming emcee/producer

Brand partnerships

On-camera talent

Science performer

Content producer




I work with individuals and businesses that want to use communications to better meet their goals. I also design and execute communications strategies (including being written into grants) for scientists who would like to work with a science communicator to enhance the outreach or broader impacts components of their research. My consulting services include:

Website design/content creation

Outreach planning/execution

Digital advertisement/campaign creation

Illustration (figures, abstracts, etc.)


My workshops are interactive, product-driven, modular, and flexible and can be as short as an hour or as long as a multi-day boot camp. Contact me to develop a customized workshop that best meets your needs. Or hire me to deliver a pre-designed workshop on:

Advancing Justice with SciComm

How and why to make a personal website

Advanced social media techniques

Intro to visual media production

Using comm's to advance your career

How to leave academia



keynote speaker

University of Georgia,

Odum School of Ecology

Graduate Student Symposium

content producer

"You put me in their shoes- I felt their grief."

the story of

the White House

brand partner

DWH OC blog post 4.jpg

blog post for The

Ocean Conservancy

on-camera talent

my YouTube channel


science explainer videos

science presenter

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my winning 3 Minute Thesis presentation


New Scientist Live

livestreaming host

science decoration


social media


hashtags, trends, and memes


website building




deep-sea alligator drop


"I applied for this position just because of this ad."

faculty video ad

website building

ru evsc web.png

Rowan University,

School of Earth and Environment



ornithology fieldwork


summer school posters


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visual abstract



original drawing


sharing my journey


The Naturejobs Blog


customizable, interactive,

and product-driven

sharing my journey

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