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Science Media Specialist





Bold creativity informed by analytics.

Florida mangrove and starfish research (

I am an award-winning, PhD-having digital creator who is unstoppably and loudly enthusiastic about how science makes life better.

I work to diversify how people interact with science online. I also push for those with power to support risk-takers and remove barriers for others.

I mostly make stuff from scratch for social media and the internet, like videos, photos, drawings, written pieces, and websites. I am especially familiar with articulating communications strategies and balancing stakeholder needs for brands and organizations.

I use my personal channels to build community and trust around motherhood. And since I'm a scientist, it's all evidence-based and fact-checked.

I strive for (non-performative) allyship in all my work. If you are in search of a safe STEM/scicomm space for any reason and think I can help, please feel free to get in touch. Or if you have feedback or suggestions about how I can improve the equity- or justice-focused aspects of my practice, you are welcome to let me know.


How can I bring my energy to your projects?


I make stories for my digital channels and I create products for partners to release on their platforms. My storytelling and live performances are anchored by authenticity and humor.

Hire me or write me into your funding for:

  • Science engagement projects

  • Brand partnerships

  • Live events

  • On-camera talent

  • Content development

"[Your story] ...brought together a community that

hadn't talked to each other in 20 years."



I advise individuals and groups on how to use communications tools to meet their goals. I also design and execute bespoke engagement strategies for research projects.

Hire me or write me into your funding for:

  • Outreach/advertising

  • Comms audits/strategy advancement

  • Website development

  • Illustration (figures, abstracts, etc.)

  • Field- or labwork media capture

"...probably the 54 best-spent minutes reflecting on

my scicomm ever, and it's just the beginning."

P1130475 (2).jpg


I build custom workshops that have guests write individualized action plans. My science communication career coaching is suitable for developing communicators at any stage.

Hire me to meet your needs on topics like:

  • How and why to make a website

  • SciComm job application review

  • Advanced social media techniques

  • Comms to advance your career

  • Promoting equity with SciComm

"[Your] wonderful coaching... helped me gain the confidence

to build a new brand... and get on the job market."

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