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Florida mangrove and starfish research (

I am an award-winning, PhD-having producer/creator, host, speaker, and digital media strategist who is unstoppably and loudly enthusiastic about how science makes life better.

I diversify how people interact with science. I also push for those with power to support risk-takers and remove barriers for others.

I make stuff for social media and the internet, like videos, photos, drawings, written pieces, and websites. I lead projects to grow ideas from concept to completion. And I prioritize people along the way, helping folks claim agency so they can work in ways that fit their values.


I am mid-career and my identity gives me undeniable privilege, so diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) are non-negotiable for my projects. But more importantly, I use my professional position to call people out or in, to shape the communities I have power in, and to push back against systemic harm. My DEIJ-focused efforts have included leadership work like co-creating SciComm STEP (Sparking Transitions for Experienced Professionals) and the National Fire Science Exchange Network's DEIJ Resource Group, team-level contributions like selling a client on a diversified list of candidates for an opportunity, and using equity-focused media training to help others identify safe opportunities for change-focused action.

I am currently giving free website help to minoritized scholars- please contact me to get started. In addition, you can sign up for SciComm Office Hours or contact me to request a session topic or date and time that meet your needs.


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