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I experiment with what media could be.

How can I bring my energy to your projects?

STORYTELLING: connect with your target audiences.

I make stories for my digital channels and create products for partners to release on their platforms. My storytelling and live performances are anchored by authenticity and humor.

Hire me or write me into your funding for:

  • Brand partnerships

  • Live events

  • On-camera talent

  • Content development

  • Science engagement projects

"[Your story] ...brought together a community that hadn't talked to each other in 20 years."


CONSULTING: identify and meet your communication goals.

I design and execute bespoke engagement strategies for a variety of projectsI also advise individuals and groups on how to use communications tools to meet their goals.

Hire me or write me into your funding for:

  • Comms audits/strategy advancement

  • Outreach/advertising

  • Website development

  • Illustration (figures, abstracts, etc.)

  • Field- or labwork media capture

"...probably the 54 best-spent minutes reflecting on

my scicomm ever, and it's just the beginning."

P1130475 (2).jpg

TRAINING: advance your career.

I build workshops and training programs that lead to action. My science communication career coaching is suitable for developing  through advanced communicators.

Hire me to meet your needs on topics like:

  • Comms to advance your career

  • SciComm job application review

  • Advanced social media techniques

  • How and why to make a website

  • Promoting equity with SciComm

"[Your] wonderful coaching... helped me gain the confidence

to build a new brand... and get on the job market."


I am currently offering free career coaching through SciComm Office Hours and free website help to  minoritized scholars. Please contact me to learn more.

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